Friday, August 13, 2010

sketch du jour


ideally, i would be sitting plein air
drinking in the view
as i sat on my fold up chair
with my portable easel
whiling away the hours.

the truth is,
my excursions are peaceful
but not that careless,
and far from being able to perform
such activities.
(will it only be in emptynesterhood?)
and for now
i will have to snap the photos
while keeping an eye on the the running girls
and parking the stroller for a second,
and then later steal a moment for myself
during those afternoon rests at home,
sitting on the veranda
and sketching from my laptop.

the overall result is about the same, right?


Chris said...

Jen, I love your blog. I have tried a number of times to find Sasha on Facebook or on Google, but it finally dawned on my to Google your name.

I love the photography on your site. And your girls are beautiful! Very creative it!

I hope things are well for you in Moscow. Will you please pass my email address on to Sasha? Thanks!


Ann said...

Beautiful. You're so talented. Please keep finding moments for yourself, so you can keep creating.

Sue said...

The result is...wonderful!