Friday, August 27, 2010

sketch du jour

i'm going out on a limb these days
and mixing up my usual suspects
for sketching material.

after finding an artist
that really inspired my work
i have started to branch out a bit
and went over into my interior design passion
to find subjects.
now i'm trying to train myself
(i.e. retrain myself)
to paint with a different style
and different technique,
and i'll tell you outright
that i'm failing miserably.

but i'm enjoying my new subjects
in the meantime.
the rest of it will (perhaps)
come with time.


Mary said...

If that my friend is your picture of failing than I pity anyone you expect to succeed. That looks pretty darn perfect to me.

IRENE said...

It's a very lovely work! can't wait to see the next ones! Happy weekend!

Ann said...

Go easy on yourself. I love your sketches.

Lynda said...

This is really really good. Lightness, grace, just enough, not too much. Balance. Empathy somehow, for a place. As if you know how to pick up on the spirit of it, to relate to it. As if you were friends with the place you sketched.
Sorry that is so rambling. This is Mary's mother and I started scrolling through your blog from her current post and came to this. My goodness....that girl has talent! So I just dropped in to tell you so.