Thursday, August 5, 2010

treasure hunt (version 2)

after discovering these
prickly balls
hanging all over one of the trees
in the garden,
the girls started a collection.
they snatched off
all the ones they could reach
without getting stung by nettles
and placed them in a basket.
the basket was then brought to the kitchen
to me, with instructions to
"think of what we can do with them."

after returning to the tree
to fill the basket brim-full,
i decided they were
perfect treasure hunt material.
and so they were placed a foot apart
all through the house,
in and then out
and then in again,
up the stairs and to the linen closet,
where there were two
shining new sticker books
waiting for them.

if only we knew what the mystery tree was!


Mary said...

We get "gumballs" in our backyard all the time . . they come from the sycamore trees. Perhaps it's the same thing.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Could it be chestnut???