Monday, August 23, 2010

under the willow

with rain on and off all day
our dinner on the veranda was threatened.

and after i had asked them to set the table,
they began to busy themselves
with plates and bowls.
but upon leaving the kitchen
i found the dining room empty.
then stepping outside
i found that table empty as well.
but on further investigation
i finally found them under the willow tree
setting things up
on the little cafe table,
telling me the tree would keep us dry
in case of rain.

and our dinner en plein air was saved.


SweetpeainFrance said...

Beautiful, Jen... yes indeed do count your blessings!

Ann said...

I think Willows are my favorite.

controllingaspicyuniverse said...

This is like something out of a Merchant & Ivory film. It's fake, right? It's a set or something? ;)