Friday, August 20, 2010


i'll tell you
one of the greatest things
about being here,
is that we're not tourists.
we don't have any pressure to see this
or to do that,
and we know no time constraints.
and while there are some
touristy hot spots
in this great valley,
it's a rare thing to see a tour bus.
we almost feel like locals.

and when we hit chateau de villandry
we arrived in the evening,
just as the crowds were clearing
the air was cooling,
and the light was at the perfect angle
to cast a warm glow
on every inch of those colorful gardens.


LKC said...

Oh, I like you guys. Wish we were there...

SweetpeainFrance said...

Ah, that seems like we must go there sometime....

Shannon said...

Wow. Is that place for real? Amazing. We are trying to figure out where WE want to go next summer, and honestly I'm not itching to go to America.... maybe we'll go there for the summer! hmmmm..... give me more info. I'm serious here.

Ann said...

I'm with you. I'd rather put down stakes in one place and let it soak into my bones, than jump around from place to place.

Olgon said...

А Андрюша уже взрослый!

Olgon said...

А Андрюша уже взрослый!

Kari Clark said...

Wow! That is breathtaking! Seriously, reading your blog is like being there vicariously. I'm enjoying every day of your adventure with you!