Monday, September 27, 2010

the best of (our) tuscany

i know i'm so lucky to have him.
of course, for more reasons than one.
but when he indulges me
when i demand that he stop the car, turn around,
drive back 200 meters and let me hop out
while the family waits
and i take snapshots for five minutes,
i'm reminded of how lucky i am.

it just ate away at me,
that some of the most gorgeous views i have ever seen
were as we were on our way out of tuscany.
the rain fell all night, thunder and all
(which meant four of us in one bed),
and when we drove out of there at dawn,
with the morning light
breaking through the clouds
and spreading itself over those rolling hills,
there was a misty fog
that had settled into those little valleys,
over the farmland and the vineyards,
postcard perfect around every bend.
and the fact that my camera was already packed away
(with a full memory card)
and we were rushing to catch a flight
just gnawed at my desire
to photograph away.
i was relegated
to taking snapshots with my mind,
and to being glad that those were some of my last memories
of that blessed place.

and now,
i share with you
some of the best of (our) tuscany.


christine said...

Wow. Thanks, Jen, you're the best. It's amazing. You have such a talent for photographing.

SweetpeainFrance said...

Maintenant j'ai l'envie! Oh how I wish I could be in Italy... it's gotten quite cold in France... but today has been warmer and bonfires saved since June, need to be made, despite the global governmental warming warning that evidently we are supposed to take all garden garbage to the déchetterie. Do the real French take notice? Oui... peut-ētre, mais NON!

Sincerest best wishes for all the challenges you are about to solve!

mer said...

man...I want to raise my family in Europe. Lucky :).

D...chik said...

let's hope for more adventures

Kari Clark said...

Thanks for letting us follow you through Europe! It was so fun to see what you saw! You are such a talented girl.