Friday, September 24, 2010

the end

two unfortunate things happened tonight.

the first:
my 4GB memory card maxed out
in my camera.
that's 2027 photographs.
it was very ironic that it happened tonight,

the second:
my endless summer
just came to an end.

moscow and all its humdrum
and energy await us,
along with that life we've got to sort out
(firstly, find a home).
milla said to me yesterday,
"mom, but moscow's really dirty.
shouldn't we go to another country?
what about england next?"
"wish we could babes,
but you were supposed to be in school
a month ago."

this long summer
is ending with a short night,
covered in rain.


DeAnn said...

I hope you get settled back in okay.

Jen Anderson said...

I have thouroughly enjoyed your adventures in picture form! Truly beautiful!!
Best of luck on your trip home!!

Anonymous said...

chin up girlfriend! i will think of you in moscow, and you can think of me here in chicago. anywhere in the southern hemisphere sounds wonderful to me right now!!! xo michelle

SweetpeainFrance said...

Bon retour!