Wednesday, September 1, 2010

farewell, again

how this view
this air
this garden
these trees
this space
has breathed new life into me.
how i have loved
to throw these shutters open
every morning
to take in another day.
how i am loath
to bid farewell!

our lazy, roll-with-it extended summer
is drawing to a close,
but our true-to-form
ever-changing plans
will soon take us to a new window,
with a new view.


SweetpeainFrance said...

Dear Jen, Milla, Avi et petit Andreus,
J'espere que les prenoms sont biens and I also hope that the next stage of your journey in life, and in your travels, will help you to appreciate, as you have done so in France, the treasures and special formative moments in life. You are in my estimation a privileged person. This is not to say that your life does not have its difficulties! However, I KNOW that you focus on positive moments and though I believe in hindsight at my age, I think you are correct to believe what you do, encouraging confidence, courage and self-esteem in your children and helping them to see the WORLD through the eyes of a traveller and getting to know the differences and yet the samenesses between peoples and places. I have just a teeny weeny insight into you as a person and your family but if you ever need to send a message you are always welcome.

Go from France knowing that you have shared some wonderful moments in a house that is not your house and yet where you feel you have become part of the local community.

You are always welcome to return someway, somehow, some day in the future.

May your family grow in wisdom and love.


SweetpeainFrance said...

Et aussi your husband!

OnGod'sErrand said...

and where does the next adventure take you??? take us along via your blog. If we can't be there, at least we can vicariously enjoy your exploits. Safe travels beloved ones.

Ann said...

I've been daydreaming of Slovenia lately. Meet us there?