Thursday, September 9, 2010


day in florence.
wandering those narrow streets
i reminisced
about the time i was there
14 years ago
with my backpack on.
it was the days of film cameras,
and the only photos i remember taking there
were of the mopeds lined up in a row,
and me eating gelato.
i also made my biggest purchase
of the trip there,
a leather jacket
i'm sure was overpriced,
and oversized in fact.
but i thought it/i was pretty cool.

this time around
i was glad to have my digital camera
(as i am everywhere i go).
i was glad to have a little better clue
about where i was.
i was glad to be able to buy a gelato
without having to deduct it
from my daily allotment of funds,
and glad to be able to tell my girls
about sculptures
and how they are made.

i did have to make the comment to alex,
as i sometimes do,
that it's too bad
the tourists know all the good spots.
sometimes you have to fight the crowds
to see a place worth seeing.


Lindsay Van Orden said...

LOVE that pic of avi looking up. amazing lighting... and just so you know, i'm choosing to live vicariously through you and your blog. i'm telling everyone i spend the summer in france and am now taking a quick jaunt to italy. it's wonderful. :)

Olgon said...

Семья вместе!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog! Florence is a lovely city and yesterday i have discovered a video of opera singers at Sant Ambrogio Food Market.

You can really breathe history in Florence



SweetpeainFrance said...

What an amazingly educational opportunity! Enjoy being together in beautiful places.

Mindi said...

I love Florence.. how fun.

And I am pretty sure you are going to have to make a second volume of travel books for your kiddies before the end of this summer. Milla's has to be full by now.

So glad you can be spending this time as a family... miss you!

Amy said...

I remember so well the leather jacket! I bought one too. From some handsome Italian boy. Mine is masculine. I also remember you deducting money every time you spent it. Can you believe how quickly time has gone? I recently bought a scanner and uploaded all of my photos (which were on slides) of our trip. There are some great ones of you. I'll email them to you.
love ya!