Tuesday, September 21, 2010

leaning tower

as we stood there
under giotto's bell tower in florence,
dwarfed by the basilica towering over us,
she told me she wanted to climb up it.
i looked at the line
formed outside, filing into the doorway
at the bottom of that monolith,
and saw up at the front
a sign in very plain lettering:
414 stairs.
oh avi, i'm quite sure you could do it
but how would we haul the stroller up?
it was a disappointment for sure,
but she was soon distracted
by our entering the largest brick dome
ever constructed.

and so it was two weeks later
that we were headed back to pisa,
this time not just to catch the sun
setting on the piazza dei miracoli
and be awed by our first sight of the leaning tower
as we found a place for dinner,
but to actually see the piazza.
now the girls have a flick they love,
and it's called little einsteins.
and these little einsteins
fly around in their rocket ship--
and make some stops in italy.
and so when we were making our way back
to the leaning tower,
avi was intent on climbing that thing.
i gave her the same line about the stroller,
(although i was a bit disappointed myself)
but she wasn't having it.
"the little einsteins just ran up it!"
i saw how intent she was,
and thought we may just be able to pull it off,
and so i threw the baby bjorn into the stroller.
we talked about it all the way
to the ticket office.
and as the girls stood and watched a video
about the construction of the tower,
i read through the ticket prices
and the rules.
blast those rules.
climbing the leaning tower of pisa
was strictly prohibited
for children under the age of 8.
i told milla first,
who took it very well,
especially when i told her
that the first thing we'd do
when she turned 8
was go straight to the tower.
but avi?
like i said, avi was intent.
and for the next half hour,
the entire piazza dei miracoli
could hear my avi wailing,
"i want to go on the leaning tower of pisa!"
and though i couldn't help but chuckle a little
at the slight humor in our plight,
it was still devastating
that that darn tower had the power
to break my little girl's heart.


Ann said...

Oh my goodness. That is one of the best pictures I've ever seen. Ever. Any luck finding a new home?

Kari Clark said...

That is classic! I love it. I seriously love reading about your adventures, Jen! What a wonderful time of life!

Annie said...

Heartbreaking and hilarious. And what a fabulous photo! (Although I don't know you outside of blogdom, I really love reading your blog. Thanks for the vicarious adventures.)

SweetpeainFrance said...

It is always so disappointing that there are such rules preventing keen, fit, eager to learn and experience, little ones from doing what we adults (without strollers) can do!
Maybe Avi could build a model?

Olgon said...

Ави очаровательна и в плохом настроении!