Sunday, September 19, 2010

little toads

and now
i'll tell you about
my internet setup these days.

it's called
a spotty wi-fi signal
that i can only catch 30 feet from the house
under the perfectly ripe fig trees.
and because i have no computer battery,
i had to buy an orange extension cord
that i string all the way out there.
and because it's such a pain,
i usually only do it late at night
when the little ones are down.

and i'll tell you what,
the noises and the company that keeps me
after hours
is a bit different from in france.
there it was moths galore,
bats flying overhead,
the cat creeping around in the garden
and of course the snails.
oh, i loved those snails!
here, we've got the same snails,
but also some tiny ones
with a cone-shaped shell.
there are crickets,
and the odd fig falling from above
(which the baby really loves).
the most amazing though, by far,
was the night the fox came out.
and as i sat there quietly doing my thing,
he so curiously sat and watched.
and not only that,
but danced around me
for at least half an hour,
watching me from one spot,
then going a little further off,
then coming closer (within 10 feet!)
and then grabbed a fig,
and went off to eat it under the pines.

but the highlight for the girls,
since they missed that one,
was the treasure i caught for them
just as i was going in one night.
now those lizards are hard to catch,
but a little toad?
piece of cake.
the girls were ecstatic.
we cleaned out that pickle jar
to make a little home for him,
and then went in search of food
when i miraculously discovered another smaller toad,
nestled down in the grass.
now we have "a baby and a mama toad."

and though they've been stealing
the entertainment show
for a few days now,
i fear we're going to have to be humane
and let them go soon,
that is, if they don't start eating
the little grasshoppers we're finding for them.

i just can't catch a fly!


Mindi said...

I've said it before.. I'll say it again! What a woman you are! Braving a dancing fox?! Catching a toad with your bare hands?! Pulling a Macgyver to get internet any way you can?! You never cease to impress me. ;)

controllingaspicyuniverse said...

Maybe the tomten scared the fox away!

Shannon said...

where are you now? Still Florence? Are you ever going home? You crazy girl... what a life to roam through Europe for months. *sigh*

Sw said...

Hm... they like to live in dark,damp places. Their skin must stay moist. I think they need to access live creatures to eat. They are nice to hold and cool in every sense. I sometimes have to rescue them when gardening and put them by the stone wall. They have beautiful eyes. It is excellent that children are brought into contact with flora and fauna but we all have our habitats.......... Your habitat seems like an everlasting holiday. Lucky you in one sense! :)

Davian said...

a fox! why does it seem like the things kids will like the most always seem to show up just when they aren't looking.