Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new view

you know,
it's really cool
to drive into a place late at night
and have your surroundings
be left
strictly to the imagination.
then to wake early in the morning
to that sun peeking through
between the shutters,
only to throw them open
and be so pleasantly surprised
by where you've ended up.

and i guess
"ended up"
is sort of how we landed in tuscany,
in that it wasn't so much
in the original summer plans.
but like i said,
we often use the words
"plans" and "ideas" interchangeably.

so why the endless summer?
well, it stems from a sad story,
a story that took place in moscow.
and the story goes
that we were booted from that apartment
we moved into in march,
that one that i loved like my own,
that one i was blissfully happy in,
that one that i had big dreams
and plans for.
our landlord defaulted on her mortgage.
and we got the short end of the stick.

so with our belongings moved to storage,
and a new home yet to be found,
we are putting off the inevitable pain
of going back
and figuring out what's next.
and here?
you could say
that we are delighting
in our homelessness.


Jill said...

i'm so sorry for your news! i'm sure something is around the corner, and until then your view is truly a dream. my fingers are crossed for you to find a new gem in moscow.

happyfamily said...

way to make something kinda blah into something very fantastic. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot (maybe the perfect spot is Santa Monica?) :)
Until then- keep living the dream. Wish I was there!

Emma said...

When I got booted from my apartment, I ended up in Washington Heights. Next time, I need to figure out how to end up in France and Tuscany instead for sure!

Good luck finding a new place. How disappointing after all you went through to get into that one.

Davian said...

not bad. and may i say, looks remarkably similar to our surroundings in napa a few days ago. but, of course, i have no such beautiful photo to prove it.

Sue said...

Sorry you lost your place and hope you find an even better one soon.

Meanwhile, you are certainly making the best of the situation!


LKC said...

Do you have an extra room there?

Wish you were here. But, really, I wish I were there...

Ann said...

what a headache. i'm so sorry. enjoy being homeless in tuscany.

IRENE said...

Sad news... but as they say, when a door closes, a window opens. Hang on, there must be something bigger in store for you and your family.

SweetpeainFrance said...

Oh ... maybe that's why you looked a little unhappy... not just because of looking after three delightful children!

Oh... how I wish I could escape to Tuscany or anywhere but I have to renovate...

You know there is a Chinese proverb which says that one should "make an opportunity out of a crisis" and probably an English/American/Russian equivalent, e.g "make hay whilst the sun shines"(not quite the same!). I reckon you are doing that and can quite understand, NOW, your needs... What a marvellous opportunity for you all and of course travelling broadens the mind! Best Wishes x

Amy said...

I read about your life and it seems like a fairytale and this definatley isn't fairytaleish. I am so sad that you lost your apartment. I hope that something better is in store for you.