Thursday, September 23, 2010

pool days

we have fallen back into the "schedule"
we had in france,
that is,
every other day we are out exploring.

and that means
that every other day,
we are hanging around here,
surrounded by vineyards, olive groves,
and the hunting reserve just behind us.
and this place has one bonus
over our place in france:
a pool.

and though i wouldn't exactly call our time there
"lazy and carefree relaxation"
(impossible alone with 3 children under 5)

we usually have the place to ourselves
and the weather couldn't be better.

even this little guy
loves splashing his chubby thighs
in that cold water.


Mary said...

so how long are you going to be there? Perhaps I should get some tickets and bring my littles to meet your littles again. :)

Amy said...

It really does look like such a lovely place. I know its hard to enjoy alone with 3 little ones, but I hope you are!

christine said...

That looks like paradise. Enjoy every minute!