Monday, September 13, 2010


after visiting
clos luce,
the final residence of
leonardo da vinci, last year,
we made the final loop this year
by visiting his birthplace,

it's so nice
to be here
after the temperatures have dropped
and the crowds have cleared out.

the girls were fully fascinated
by the models,
recognizing some from clos luce,
and others from their book.

avi stopped in front of every single one,
asking me,
"and what's this one for, mama?"
while i had to quick skim through
the complicated description
and put it onto her level:
"that one's for lifting heavy things too, avi."

and she must have been inspired
by all the scientific and mechanical drawings,
because she went home
to make her own.

this is her version of


OnGod'sErrand said...

I know that I'd pay a fortune for that picture! I knew exactly what it was (well, maybe not exactly), but it's perfectly clear now.

Davian said...

i often think how lucky your girls are that they will have not just the experiences, but these gorgeous mementos of their childhoods. they certainly picked the right mama!