Wednesday, October 13, 2010

back to life

and now is the part
where i admit to you
that i have not been wandering the streets
of gloomy and gray moscow
(which saw its first flakes of snow this morning)
in search of a home
these last two weeks.

to give you full disclosure,
without telling the whole story now,
i will tell you
that it didn't involve children
and it did involve
the likes of this:

i do wish
that i had the time
to tell you all about it now.
but my life in the next week
is resembling nothing short of chaos.

so let me ease back into this slowly . . .


LKC said...

Glad you're home. Let's catch up soon.

Michelle said...

awww...good for you!!!! ~michelle
ps. it's been 70+ degrees here in chicago!!!

Mindi said...

now that's a cliffhanger!!

controllingaspicyuniverse said...

My goodness that photo is breathtaking!

Davian said...

when you said you were in possibly the most remote place you had ever been, i thought you might have been speaking emotionally. clearly, i was mistaken. please tell me you are going to start peddling shots like these to galleries.

let's talk soon. look for me.