Tuesday, October 19, 2010


and after disembarking
we still had
the whole island of bali to explore.

though it is still 3rd world indonesia,
you'll find 5-star hotels
at the end of those pothole-riddled roads,
streets of local boutiques among the temples,
great beaches at the bottom of the cliffs,
rice fields nestled among the patches of jungle,
and the hippest restaurants
scattered here and there.

i must say
that i was pleasantly surprised
by much of what it had to offer.
in fact,
it was one of those (rare) places
that i left saying,
now i just may have to meet you once again
in this lifetime.

and with that, my friends,
the story of my endless summer has ended.

i was happy to see that my children missed me,
and that not all the leaves had fallen
in our absence.

now we are just plowing through
that adjustment back to
this place that we still
(believe it or not)
call home.

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