Wednesday, October 27, 2010

chocolate cakes at midnight

and now
lest you think
i'm just sitting around these days
doin' a whole lot a nothin',
i will tell you instead
that there is nothing like moving into a new place
and hosting a
3-birthday/housewarming party
for some 25 people
just 3 days later.

last night
after finally chucking everything
that we couldn't find a place for
onto the balcony
in order to make our place look presentable,
we did hang one thing on the wall,
my sunburst mirror,
at 1:30 am
just to make me feel better
about life.

but i'm pretty sure
that the culmination of this week
happened just tonight
as i was knee-deep in chocolate cake batter.
after all four of my pans
(yes, four, am i really attempting
a 3-tiered cake under these circumstances?
were buttered and cocoaed,
my chocolate was melted
and i was chipping away at my brown sugar,
i thought to crank up that "new" oven.
now, when i say new,
i don't so much mean new
as i mean new to me.
because it is anything but new.
in fact, it's probably 15 years old.
and when it didn't fire up when i first tried it,
and then i realized there is only one rack
(remember, four pans,
and it was already 10 pm),
well i knew
that this oven just wasn't the risk
i wanted to take
with my cake and my party.
and so i gathered my batter, my pans
and my computer
and hustled over to my in-laws
to borrow their trusty oven.

and so i sit now, well past midnight,
waiting for cakes 3 and 4 to rise as beautifully
as did 1 and 2.
with a little moral support
from my sister-in-law
i'm feeling like
things just might work out.
wish me luck.


Anna said...

and the cakes worked out great! yummmyyy! thanks for having us :-))))A+A+A+A

Andi Simiskey said...

You said you moved....So are you still in Moscow?

SweetpeainFrance said...

And a photo of the finished product please? I mean the cake ... not your new home. Homes are never finished!
Oh how much energy! But when one is young there it all this!
Happy Birthdays!