Thursday, October 21, 2010

early christmas

it really is
almost like christmas.
grabbing another box of my stuff
that was packed in my absence,
unwrapping each item
with great anticipation
and then exclaiming,
hey, i remember this!

but the very best
are those suitcases
that actually were packed by me,
the ones full of goodies from france,
finds at the flea market
or kitchen ware from geant casino
sent back with alex on one of his trips,
that have awaited my arrival.
those are really like christmas,
since i don't even remember
all that i bought.

but what does this early christmas mean?
it means we are moving.
and you'll never really appreciate the miracle,
but the miracle is
that we found the place,
in the perfect location,
in those 5 days we were in moscow
a few weeks back.
we returned last week,
signed the contract,
and last weekend
made the move.

and now i'm just hoping
that christmas will hurry and end
so that our new home
will be in some sort of shape
that we can actually live over there.
tomorrow the furniture
will be reassembled,
so perhaps this weekend?
do you remember what i said
about my life very accurately resembling chaos?

1 comment:

Carrie said...

You weather the chaos so well, Jen. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and Happy homemaking!