Monday, October 18, 2010

el aleph

so the fact is that no,
we don't travel this much every year.

but the other fact is,
that our hero of the year
had a most desperately miserable summer.
while we were busy enjoying the lazy days
of the loire valley and tuscany,
he was slaving away in abominable moscow,
suffocating in the heat and smoke,
buried in work
and familyless for 3 long months.
all in the name of making his family
(almost) blissfully happy.
of course we didn't plan to be apart so long,
we had hoped he would join us for much of the time,
but the pressures of work
had other plans.
and skype became our lifeline.

and so after his dreadful summer
with nothing but a few quick weekend trips
to see us,
he was ready for
and much more than deserving a real break.
and when his friend invited us
on his 30th birthday trip,
well that was just the ticket.
and i was the lucky tagalong.

and so my endless summer
took us next to bali.
where we first boarded el aleph
and cruised the indonesian islands for 5 days.
it honestly,
was the trip of a lifetime.
and unfortunately will probably have to count
for our 10-year-anniversary.

we visited about 10 islands,
in increasing order of remoteness.

and perhaps my favorite part of the trip
was that night
we cruised all night long
and alex and i slept on the top deck
under the wide open sky
with all its stars
until the light of the sun began lighting the sky
on the horizon in front of us, little by little,
colors changing as it got brighter and brighter. . .

then there were the volcanoes,
one with a crater lake that we canoed around,
and the other still active
with a black sand beach
that we puttered along,
reveling in being the only ones on the whole island.

we visited the komodo islands,
home of the famous komodo dragon--
the reptiles at the top of the food chain.

enjoyed incredible snorkeling and diving,
the best of which
was off this pink sand beach,
which we also had all to ourselves.

we biked our way
around this whole island

we ate the equivalent
of moscow's finest restaurants
for every meal,
right there on our boat,
cruising and watching the islands go by.

and then on a rainy morning
we disembarked that dream-maker,
and flew back to bali.

and the story will continue!


christine said...

Wow. That's all I have to say. Just wow. What an amazing trip.

IRENE said...

great photos! love your words! bali is one of our favorite holiday destinations, having lived in indonesia for 4 years. nice of you to share your amazing holiday!

SweetpeainFrance said...

I think you must be both enchanted as well as enchanting! A fairy-tale for us comes true for you two too.
I look forward to reading the next instalment! It beats RenovationinFrance!

Kari Clark said...

Another fantastic adventure lived vicariously through you! Thanks again for always sharing your journeys. What a wonderful vacation for the two of you.

Amanda said...

jen National Geographic should be paying you. You have captured it beautifully. I feel like I was there. What an amazing adventure! I would love to sail like that. On our honey moon I got to take a short trip on a ship that size, it was incredible. Cheers dear!

Amy said...

oh Jen, I will say that is my (and Jeremy's) dream! To sail and explore someday. I am so happy and excited you got the chance to do that! What a dream. And glad you got to spend some time with Alex. Sounds like it would be hard to top that for a 10th anniversary. Glad you found new digs too. Hope they are wonderful, and have you ever gotten your bed yet? I want to see a picture when you do!

Mindi said...

Your photos are breath-taking Jen! Amazing! Are the rumors true? Will our paths actually cross again at Christmas time?!! :) I can not wait!