Monday, November 1, 2010


the party of the year
came together--
and nobody even looked on the balcony
to uncover my secrets.

the 3-tiered cake,
one for each child
was actually really, really good.

we once again
made a wise decision
and hired the girl with the pink hair
to come and entertain the little ones
while we got to kick back
and watch the kids have a great time.

the girls had another excuse
to wear their favorite pink dresses
with the diamonds,

and i gifted my baby love
a pink vespa.

the 3-in-1 birthday parties
will be fewer and further between in the future
(if ever), i know.
but that 3-in-1 cake
almost in and of itself
was definitely worth combining for.


Mindi said...

Oh my goodness! Your babies are looking less and less like babies!! Happy Birthday one and ALL! Phew. :) xo.

Olgon said...

Ави и Саша!
Пусть будет ваш дом
Как полная чаша!

mer said...

that cake is awesome.