Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4:00 pm

my sun
these days
is looking like this at 4:00 pm.
and in fact,
this is on a lucky day
when she actually dares to show her face.
i know there are some
that get really affected by this,
but i don't mind it so much.
in fact,
it's sort of serving me well
by giving me that feeling
that goes along with impending holidays.
there's no snow around here yet,
and it's actually been unseasonably warm
for moscow.
but i'm already feeling it.

i've been sipping nightly
on the likes of talented inspiration like this:
drinking hot cocoa
and plotting my holiday plans,
all the while enjoying
christmas music (yes, already!),
my new favorite of which
was a recommendation that came from gifted:
sufjan stevens!
you've got to hear
holy, holy, holy
come thou fount of every blessing
once in david's royal city.
and you'll be feeling it too!


SweetpeainFrance said...

Jen.. so is there now an envelope symbol for messages/thoughts/comments?

How does that work?

Your girls have each other and sibling rivalry is natural .. like cubs in the pack they tustle and play but remain friends.. usually!

Davian said...

being back in the chilly weather has been making it hard to hold back from going full christmas for the past month. my grinch of a husband requires us to wait until after thanksgiving, but i have been sneaking in some holiday music when he isn't around.

still hoping there is some small chance we can spend this one together..

brooklyn said...

I love your blog so much!

biggest fan... said...

Please turn on comments for the love...