Thursday, November 11, 2010

days like this

this is the beastly glem-gas
that i told our landlord
should be handed over to the antique dealer already,
and also that turned my decent day
into one much worse.

now i have sworn to myself
time and time again
i will not leave something on the burner
and leave the kitchen
without setting a timer.
i may have been able to do that
with one little rascal to worry about,
but 3?  uh uh.
it's nothin' but trouble.
but problem number 1
is that i don't even have a kitchen timer.
problem number 2
is that i'm trying to get used
to gas burners again
after years of electric ones
(whoa, they're powerful!)
and problem number 3
was that the plumber called me away from the kitchen
at just the wrong time.
and it was only oil that was burning,
but it was enough to fill the house with smoke
(we have no smoke detectors!)
and enough to throw a thorn into my day
when i was scrambling like mad
to get lunch fixed and eaten
and milla to school on time.
and i won't bore you with the rest
of the miserable afternoon
but it involved dragging all 3 kids
to the school
to change clothes and undress
only to learn that there was no class today,
and then have to wait in the hall
for the teacher for 20 minutes
while my girls were fighting
and screaming and crying
and my baby was throwing up in the trash can,
while a corridor full of parents
looked on.

"mama said there'd be days like this."


Ann said...

Days like that are hard to bare. I hope you celebrated the end of it with chocolate or the like. Here's to a better one tomorrow, friend. :)

controllingaspicyuniverse said...

But look! It has a fancy crown on it.

Good Lord, that's scary, and I sympathize, I do, I do...if you can, take a big long nap.

christina said...

I'm going to have that song in my head all day.