Monday, November 29, 2010

dining table

i have a dining table, friends!
a dining table.
it may not be mine
(lest you these chairs were my selection),
but still, for the first time in my life
i can finally accommodate more than four people
at my table.
i have long awaited this day
and thanksgiving finally afforded me the chance
to even pull that leaf out,
spread my tablecloth out to the max,
purchase a few extra glasses
and to give my genevieve lethu bunnies
their first job
at holding name cards.
(they do really good work)

we had a delightful time.
even though i was the host,
my friend was good enough not to judge
my non-experience in the turkey roasting department
and showed up with the turkeys in hand
and cooked them himself,
and they happened to be mouth-watering.
and nobody even noticed that my pie shells
had shrunk.
i cook pies, i'm sad to say,
almost as often as i cook turkeys.
but surely we've got a few more thanksgivings
up our sleeve here,
now that we have dining table. . .
plenty of time
to perfect my pies,
buy a nicer tablecloth,
and maybe even dare to cook my own turkey someday!