Wednesday, November 3, 2010

home (again)

it felt a little bit like christmas morning,
bringing them home
(to this one)
for the first time.
to watch them walk into their new room,
all the same stuff
but in a different place
and new layout.
to see them rediscover their old toys and books
after 4 months of separation. . .
it was a sweet reunion.

thank goodness kids are so darn adaptable.
i think we were still in france
when i told the kids
we weren't going to live
in the pink building anymore
but were going to get a new home.
of course they worried
that the sticker chart
wouldn't get transported
and other important items,
but in general
they didn't even skip a beat.
new house?  new day.
big deal.

and really
the same goes for this little guy,
who has lived in 8 places
(counting anything over two weeks)
in his first year of life.

what should i learn from them?
it is home, but they're also just places.
especially as we've had to go back to renting
this year.
this place isn't ours,
much as we try to make it look like it is;
it's just our space
for memory-making for the time being.
and though we hope this time being
will be longer-lived than the last,
if it's not,
we will just shift our home once again.
home is where we are.


SweetpeainFrance said...

Happy Home Making!

Ann said...

I had to learn the hard way to bloom where I'm planted. It's a hard thing to do and so much of it depends on the mother. But you are a tremendous force in your home, I've seen it, so I'm sure it will feel cozy and familiar in no time. And that Andreas is such a doll!

Anonymous said...

he is so cute...