Wednesday, November 10, 2010


you know
it's hard to have anything but
a love/hate relationship
with ikea,
am i wrong?

and i regret
that much of my married life
has been smattered with ikea furniture,
ikea catalogs,
ikea trips (which have eaten away hours of my life),
ikea evenings
(somebody's got to build that stuff),
and yes, even "ikea moments"
(as we have dubbed those inevitable
pouty disagreements that happen
on that darn showroom floor
among many other couples in the same boat,
it's really sort of humorous).
in a perfect world,
i would not be purchasing ikea furniture.
but that fact is,
i know of no other place in moscow
where i can walk in,
pick what i want
and walk out with it the same day
with minimal effort
(aside from loading that beast onto the cart).
it's such a piece of cake
i get sucked in.
and i have ended up with
the same dressers
as 10 million other families around the world.
but seriously,
what better place for kids furniture,
i mean, right?
keeping in mind, of course
that i don't have access to
the antique shops of europe or america
at my fingertips?
like i said,
the world isn't perfect.
and like i said,

although my little princess
helping me put that dresser together.

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