Friday, November 12, 2010

more wings

it's a dilemma
i've never had to face before.

if you remember,
my girls were three years old
before they had their first haircuts.
but this little guy's tresses
are almost caught up with avi's wings
of just over a year ago.
what can i do about it?
i wouldn't dare take the scissors
to that well-sculpted художественный беспорядок!
my dilemma being
that there are times when he has a hard time seeing
through those wisps growing down his forehead.
i fear the inevitable--
soon i will have to help him out
with that scary pointed object.
but touch those wings?
now that i just can't stomach yet.
will he last until three?

1 comment:

Davian said...

i was wondering when this question would arise. he is looking way too cool for a one-year-old. all the girls must be totally intimidated.