Monday, November 8, 2010

still small

of course she probably doesn't realize it,
but she is the lucky one.

after a big 3-in-1 party,
10 days later,
she gets another round of spoiling
on her actual birthday.
first it was the surprise carriage ride,

then it was the surprise visit
to a dear friend
where she was gifted that bow and arrow
she's been wanting

and that toaster
that she's been toasting with ever since. . .

she got to dress up in scarves
and dance the night away. . .

and then return home
to grandparents and another friend
for the (bakery-fresh) cake of (our) dreams.
she did confide to me
that she liked my "big" cake better.

and though all this year
she has been telling me
that she wants to turn 2 on her birthday
(poor middle child, like me,
with an identity crisis)
she did in fact turn a big 4.
but she did tonight as she lay in bed
and i kissed her goodnight
ask for my reassurance
that she is still small.
and i reassured her,
yes avi, don't worry,
you're still small. . .


Mindi said...

Happy Birthday little miss Avi!

Ann said...

Sweet thing. Lovely day.

SweetpeainFrance said...

Happy belated Birthday for the little Russian Princess in her carriage!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday! Love you, Avi!