Monday, November 15, 2010

tonight for dinner

it's been awhile
since i've been inspired by my kitchen.
since france, to be exact.

back in moscow
back in the city,
and i find myself pained by the thought
of coming up with yet another dinner.
i flip through the cookbooks,
wholly bored by each and every entry.
in fact the other night
i was desperately trying to call my mother
to see if she would come cook dinner for us
(it's very unfortunate
that she is on the other side of the world).

and thus, friends,
it's been awhile
since i have shared with you
anything worthy that has come out of my kitchen.
but tonight,
i will share.

the lovely
la tartine gourmande
inspired this and she called it simply
i hardly followed the recipe,
as i hardly ever do in these sorts of things,
but perhaps it will inspire you,
if you are desperately calling your mother today too.

(and by the way,
of course i didn't make my own crepes.
what do you think
i have time on my hands or something?)

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