Thursday, December 16, 2010


it's impossible
for a people to separate itself from it's history.
i know that over time
some ideals, some habits, even mentality can change,
but sometimes that takes decades.

i haven't had a whole lot of experience
with the russian medical system--
thank goodness we are all generally healthy--
but what i have had
has for the most part only served
to strengthen my opinion
that their general approach
is to always see a doctor,
medicine can heal everything--
the more medicine the better you'll feel--
and if there's any doubt,
be admitted to a hospital.

and so yesterday
when my fourth sense also fell under attack
(just some pink eye to mix things up),
i finally broke down
and agreed to see a doctor.
now mind you,
this was not just any doctor,
but the head of otolaryngology
at an exclusive health clinic.
and he checked my ears, my nose, my throat,
as any ear, nose and throat doctor should.
then he sent me in for a hearing test
which i don't think i've had
since elementary school.
and then he confirmed that i have
a double ear infection.
after which
he proceeded to insert
a foot-long tube into my nose
until it reached my throat
as i clutched my legs with such force
it left marks in the skin,
it was so painful.

then he recommended i come back
for some more of those procedures,
recommended i go to a hospital
for some repeated intravenous treatments,
and then proceeded to write me up
a few prescriptions.
ten, to be exact.
yes, ten.

faith in russia?
faith in its medical system?
mmm. . .  shaky, so far.