Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas concert

you know it's one thing
to creep into those churches
when all is quiet
and there's not a soul in sight,
all you can hear is the echo of your whispers
or my shhhhh's 
to my curious children.

but there's absolutely nothing like
listening to organ and choral music in a cathedral.
the acoustics, the atmosphere,
the spirit. . .
some of my favorite memories
from my new york city days
were of both of listening to music
in cathedrals,
as well as singing in one.

and we may not have been the quietest
or most reverent in the audience,
but taking my girls
to the messiah (selections)
and the many moods of christmas concert
at the evangelist-lutheran church of peter and paul
will be one of my favorite memories
from moscow.