Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i have been desensitized.
and not by 6 grueling years of mothering.
but by a beast of a head cold.
i've never had such a congested head in my life.
my ears have been so plugged for days now,
with the kids finally in bed
now all i can hear
is a painfully obnoxious high-pitched tone
ringing, throbbing, ringing, throbbing. . .

there are a few advantages
of being disabled so.

-the noise level in my house
has conveniently seemed to drop about 50 decibels.

-i cannot taste that disgusting
vitamin c drink.

-i cannot smell my baby's diapers.

but the disadvantages:

-because i can't smell his diapers,
the poor soul got a rash today.

-i cannot hear any phone ring,
any call for help,
any baby cry from another room,
and only half of what is said right next to me.
soon they're going to start calling me granny.

-and worst of all,
i can't even taste those delectable
rich and chewy gingerbread cookies
that we got iced just this evening.

i know they're darn good,
because i tasted somebody else's last week
and had to have the recipe.

but gosh
i'd love to be able to taste ours. . .
and smell. . .

and hear. . .