Thursday, December 23, 2010

first christmas

and so
my little apartment
in the center of moscow
certainly isn't as quaint
as the vintage christmas pop-up
that graces my desk.
it's not the same as going "home"
as i have for 97% of the christmases in my lifetime.
it's also not going to be spent in new york city
with so many dear friends
as i also would like to have done.
in fact it's not even in a country
that celebrates christmas.
in some ways
it's an odd feeling.

but we've invited alex's family over
for their first christmas
for a big night before dinner,
as is tradition.
my gifts are made and bowed up pretty,
my table is set,
my menu scrawled down:

-baked brie with pears & walnuts
-arugula salad with pomegranate & oranges
-turkey with pear & prune stuffing
-wild rice & cranberry salad
-sweet potatoes
-pumpkin pie
-hot wassail

can i pull it off all by myself?
let's just say,
you won't be hearing from me tomorrow.

but my fire will be burning,
our stockings anxious for stuffing,
my music will be playing all day,
it will most likely be snowing
and we'll feel cozy and even homey
even here.

a merry Christ's birth to you,
happy remembering Him,
and happy celebrating health, joy,
togetherness, and peace!


happyfamily said...

Merry Christmas! It is what you make, it, right?

Love to you and your fam!

Mindi said...

Merry Christmas Jen and fam! What a special tradition you are sharing with his family.. a special tradition you are creating with your own little family! We will miss you, but our thoughts will be with you! :)

Merry Christmas! I liked how you put that... Merry Christ's birth.

Sending you our love!

Davian said...

we wish you were here, but it sounds like you will be having quite a holiday. you certainly know how to throw a party. merry christmas! we love you guys. we will try to call on christmas day.

Jeff said...

Merry Christmas Jen & fam.!

Sweetpea in France said...

Oh a little late .. but Winter has only just started... so we wish you and your international family, a very happy Festive Season. Keep warm. you are so inspiring, I have to draw breath! Glad to see that comments are open again!