Friday, December 17, 2010

gift for Jesus

i wanted to think
she was really catching on to this.
we had a talk
about the real meaning of christmas
and the christmas gifts,
and then we made a special gift--
one for Jesus.
we wrapped it nice and pretty,
wrote His name on it,
and then set it on the mantle.
and over the last few weeks
have been slipping "gifts" to Him inside:
little slips of paper
where we've written down
the good deeds done around our house.

and so one day
after she wrote one down and slipped it in,
she came to me and said,
mama, Jesus is gonna say. . .
and she trailed off in thought for a second
and so i stepped in to help,
Jesus is going to say how happy he is
that we've done so many nice things,
isn't He?
and she corrected me,
no, Jesus is gonna say. . .
and she paused again,
then continued:
look at the cute baby you guys got!