Tuesday, December 28, 2010

one good thing about christmas in moscow
is that it's almost guaranteed
to be a white one.

snow fell all day on christmas eve
as i scurried around the kitchen
in preparation,
singing along to the carols.
the girls got their dresses on
well in advance,
sat themselves down behind rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
and the final hours flew by
as they always do
in trying to pull together a feast for guests.

and even though i wasn't quite dressed yet
when the first guests arrived (early),
it all came together
and i might even say wonderfully.

and after the little ones were tucked
all snug in their beds
we stole away
to the candlelight mass at the anglican church,
which is always a treat--
at least it was until the fire alarms went off.

the next morning we awoke
to find stockings stuffed and gifts from a night visitor.

we whiled away the morning hours,
opening gifts

trying them on


and of course eating german pancakes
and dad's hash browns.

while the rain came down outside
creating an icy winter wonderland
that we then stole away to really enjoy
for the rest of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

good memories...
c Moscow is really great in winter time

mer said...

your kids are getting so big! I love that family pic of all of you. miss you!