Wednesday, December 1, 2010


it was about time
i sat down and put my shoulder to the wheel.
the poor girl had to borrow blue
from her deskmate at school,
because hers "didn't work anymore."
and so i got to work
with that tiny little sharpener we have
and sharpened every colored pencil
i could find in the house
until my fingers were blistered.

and as i worked away
my mind took me back to third grade,
when my best friend and i
set up shop right there in class.
first i sharpened my own pencil down to a stub,
until there was nothing left but eraser
and the little pointed part,
then i showed off by doing my schoolwork
with that stub.
then i made one for my best friend,
and then why not make a little cash?
my enterprising spirit whispered.
i made a little sign:
will sharpen your pencil down too
for only 1 cent.
sad thing was,
there were no takers.
but i wasn't discouraged.
i was still confident in my cool.