Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the stockings were hung. . .

when we moved in
we found a stash of firewood on the balcony.
when i asked the landlord
where he buys it,
he told me,
oh, that'll last you all year.
we were out in a month.

a fireplace in an apartment!
a rarity, a novelty, a dream come true!
we stoke it up every chance we get
and then lounge, wrestle, relax,
or watch it mesmerized.

but celebrating a christmas
in a home with a fireplace
of course necessitated a bit of work on my part.
that fireplace couldn't be bare
on christmas eve!
from my multi-talented and lovely friend merrilee
i set to work late at night
first snipping up an old linen tablecloth,
attaching the tops,
and then embroidering the names
and with that
i finally completed
our fireplace.