Thursday, January 13, 2011

3-day getaway

so our holidays this year
didn't so much provide for us
the respite from the cold & dreariness of moscow,
but if not a beach vacation,
we were able to escape
just the two of us
for a little 3-day train trip
to kiev.
weather was just as fa-reezing,
and we couldn't have been more grateful
for animal skin coats, boots and mittens
(we even did the unthinkable
and got ourselves some uggs this year,
horror of horrors, and i can now
even see why they have taken over the world)

the city itself
resembled moscow in smaller form,
though definitely quainter and more charming
(not hard to beat moscow);
we visited the great patriotic war museum,
the chernobyl museum
(refrained from taking the tour to chernobyl),
the kiev pechersk lavra monastery,
the saint sophia cathedral,
and of course hit the main thoroughfare
with all its shopping, restaurants,
and grandfather frosts.


D..chik said...

Wow seems like a fun time...
I bet you stayed in a charming soviet place
Hope more fun things to come

controllingaspicyuniverse said...

Oh, my goodness that mosaic Madonna! I am envious of your window of the world. For some reason that part of Europe has always been a bit of an obsession of mine.

Anonymous said...

Kiev is the most charming in October. It is worth wisiting it once more and walking its beatiful parks... The views are magical!