Wednesday, January 19, 2011

avi's castle

st. basil's at night
is pretty darn cool.

especially in the quiet of a snowy night,
with GUM all lit up on the square,
the tourists all long gone,
and the glow of the lights
seeping into the sky.

avi is convinced that this is her castle,
and every time we drive by
she says,
"there are all my princesses,
waiting for me!"

tonight as we read
eloise in moscow
we opened up that four-page spread
of the kremlin,
and as she hugged st. basil's
in homage,
she then kindly told milla,
milla, you can have that one, or um, that one. . .
as she pointed to the other little churches
scattered within the kremlin walls.
milla wasn't interested.
but at least she wasn't upset
about avi's claim on st. basil's.
not tonight.

we have known
a st. basil's squabble or two. . .

1 comment:

OnGod'sErrand said...

Is that picture for real??? Amazing! It looks good enough to eat.
St. Basil's is truly beautiful. Have you ever been inside?