Monday, January 17, 2011


now milla, my girl,
is doing quite fine in her little school.
what she's attending
are some preparatory classes before 1st grade
(a kindergarten of sorts).
i will say that there's a lot of pressure,
and that the russians take school
much more seriously
than the average american school.
there are no songs and dances,
no cutesy bulletin boards,
no toys, no play time, no nonsense,
no games, and no hugs from the teacher.
i did once
get special permission to sit in on a class,
so that i could at least picture
what my daughter was doing all those hours.
it definitely made me wish
she could keep attending her jewish preschool
on into teenagerhood
instead of shifting over to this cold & dry
public system,
but it is what it is.
and she is already busy perfecting her letters,
memorizing poem (after poem. . .)
adding and subtracting,
and doing story problems.
but i was glad to see
that she keeps her individuality,
her creativity
and her sense of humor through it all,
and that she loves a good embellishment
as i always do. . .