Thursday, January 27, 2011

fabric poms

and now
if you please,
allow me to describe to you
the moscow craft store.

50% cross stitch supplies
10% embroidery thread
10% sewing supply boxes
10% felt
10% notions
10% tiny glass beads

and since i can't so much call myself
a big cross stitcher,
you can see that these craft stores
to me are next to useless.
a far cry from those american gargantuan markets
i knew and loved.

and so
when i resolved
to craft some fabric poms
for the girls room,
i knew exactly my vision,
but was stuck in my tracks
without a glue gun
and heaven knows a search for those
chinese lanterns was a wild, wild goose chase.
and so i was left to my own ingenuity.

and my mind took me back
to one of those craft projects
we occupied ourselves with
sitting around that dining room table in france
one summer afternoon
when i had found a box of tissues.
of course!
you know it from your childhood, too.
kleenex carnations.
why would the technique not work miracles for me,
in the absence of a chinese lantern?

well, it did.
it worked quite well, in fact,
i was actually surprised.
not to mention
that it took probably 1/20th the time
as the lantern method.

and now that time they pass
after retiring to bed for the evening
can involve
not only endless conversation into the night,
but also gazing up at these,
dangling over their sweet little heads.

email me if you want the details!


Ann said...


Charity said...

Yes, I would LOVE the details! They look to cute Jen. I am sure the girls just adore them.

Jill said...

I would love instructions too, they turned out so well.

Thank you!

marlamuppets said...

me too! darling! i can't figure out what type of kleenex boxes you used... because those are not round? i must be missing somethign -- like usual. :)


christina said...

love them!

is that muslin?


40andbeyondbyirene said...

Hi! Can i have insructions please. today I featured paper pompoms on my blog. Wonder how similar it will be with fabric. Thanks!

Lindsay Van Orden said...

jen, these are seriously awesome. they're gorgeous! i love them! please teach me how. i like them waaaaay better than the yarn balls i've seen hung in kind of the same way. way better. for sers. nice work.

Josie said...

I bought a glue gun at OBI. With it being Russia and all, who knows if they still have one. But you could always check :)

OnGod'sErrand said...

Way cute! You're so very clever, Jen.