Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hall time

so let's just say
we're smack in the middle of that stage
that keeps us spending a fair amount of time
(i.e. most of the time)
in the hall at church.
i mean,
i guess it could be worse,
hall time could mean disciplining
and obnoxious 3-year-old,
or taming a 2-year-old's tantrum,
or more recently for us
teaching a 6-year-old
that giggling during the sacrament is not okay--
but instead it just means
that he's too old to sit and shake a rattle,
and too young for the nursery class.
and with him taking his first little steps
all on his own last sunday,
well, i fear that improvement
on that hall time
is not on the near horizon--
not until we hit that magic 18 month mark,
and can drop him in the nursery
to run until his little heart's content,
while i sit
and become reacquainted
with the sunday school class.
that is,
if i can stand the separation.


christina said...

I don't think I went to Sunday School for 18 months after my twins were born.

They were fine in Relief Society, but Sunday School? NO WAY.



Anonymous said...

he is soooo cute!!!

OnGod'sErrand said...

did you take your camera to church?

Just think how much you'll appreciate the SS lesson when you finally get to listen to it? :)

Amy said...

jen, i must tell you that i just got the most magnificent job at church, they have ever come up with! I go into nursery, and for 15 splendid minutes, with a little Henry on my lap helping, I teach singing time. It is the cutest, sweetest 15 minutes of my week.