Wednesday, January 12, 2011

measuring up

it's true
that in most areas of my life
the ruler against which
i measure the woman i am becoming
is my mother.
and there are many, many ways
in which i just don't measure up next to her,
but one of them
is my ability to keep a cookie jar full
at all times
(at least when justin wasn't around).
first off,
i don't even have a cookie jar.
and secondly,
i make cookies probably three times a year.
are my children having a miserable childhood
because of it?
i'm not sure, sometimes i do wonder.
it's not that i don't love a cookie, myself.
in fact,
maybe it's that i love them too much.
and i'm not sure what inspired me today,
but i was on a roll,
felt a little of that festivity still lingering
(even after the tree went down),
and i whipped out a batch

i'm working on it, mom. . .
even without the cookie jar.


JaneH said...

After a trip to the store to pick up some Butterscotch Morsels, I will try these out on Grandpa Thanks for the recipe.

DeAnn said...

I love cookies. I have to stop myself too.

Amy said...

will you give me that recipe?