Tuesday, January 11, 2011

movies all around

and speaking of movies, friends,
and even movie theatres--
we have been no strangers to them lately,
and not only had the momentous occasion
of taking ourselves to one,
but also the girls' first experience.

as usual,
it was under the "fun things" alias,
and it kept them guessing the whole way there
on the sled.
past the park, past mcdonald's,
past the sushi place. . .

their minds were completely boggled.
as we bought tickets
and walked towards the theatre
they walked in awe. . .
with jaws dropped they looked all around--
where in the world are we?
where are you leading us?
what sort of "fun things" could this possibly be???

and when i opened that door
to the big dark room
with the screen blasting at the front,
we sat in our seats
as they were already entranced
by what was on the screen.
"mom, is fun things рекламы?" (commercials)
it's going to be a movie, guys,
this is a movie theatre!

and they ate it
(and their chupa chups) right up,
before being pulled on the sled back home.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I love that instead of a stroller you are using a sled. Man it looks cold. I complain when it's below 60 here in New Orleans. The South has made me soft.