Monday, January 10, 2011

nine years

my life is finally beginning
to take shape again after the holiday rush.
the weather is cold, gray and ugly as usual,
but the festivity of the season
has kept us cozy,
when we haven't been sledding.

in the middle of it all
we celebrated
our nine good years together,
slipping away to a quaint cafe
and then doing what we haven't done
in years and years:
went to the movie theatre.
i felt like a teenager in love again.
popcorn and all.


happyfamily said...

congratulations! I was just thinking of your two last night and wondering if you were coming upon your 9th or 10th. I remember when you came back to Provo and got engaged. Doesn't seem that long ago, but look at all that has happened since! Happy for you!

bob said...

yeah!! congrats.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

LOVE this pic sis. congrats on the 9. how was the movie by the way? haven't you missed it so much? going to a movie at the theater is so fun! i appreciate it now that i don't get to go as often as i used to....

Ann said...

What a lovely picture. Congratulations.

Davian said...

wait, you guys have only been married a year and a half longer than we have? and when we met i thought you were so much more experienced. to a newlywed, i guess two years does seem impressive...i feel like we have almost caught up to you, though. almost.