Friday, January 21, 2011


back in the day,
which was only five or six years ago
(but oh-so-much has changed!),
i whiled away many hours of my life
crafting jewelry.
i never did have a real job
during our new york city days,
and this little mini business
was definitely more for fun than for profit,
but now all that
is just a distant memory
of the days when my creative outlet
could occupy so much time
and even constitute my "job"
(okay, i could never call it that).

my jewelry box
i.e. box of yet unmade jewelry
sits in the closet getting dusty,
awaiting the inspiration and the motivation
to get it down
think something up
and then have the time
to actually pull it together.
until one day!
a dear old friend
from those new york days
had a special request
for a little something
spun together just for her.
and so i did the dusting off,
i did the groundwork,
i sought the inspiration,
i ran with it
and then i did the spinning.

and i may have returned that box
to the closet afterwards,
until a further unknown rendezvous,
but a happy reunion it was.


Mindi said...

And what a beauty it is! I still wear the necklace you made for me... and every time I do, I wish I had "supported your talent" more! How about an online trunk show? ;)

I'm glad you got to pull out that box of yours... I know how it is to have to put away those crafts and hobbies... and how nice it feels when you get to revisit them.

happyfamily said...

I should just say ditto to what Mindi said. I love the necklace you made for me back in the day. If only I could have your many talents!!

Ann said...

It's gorgeous. Don't let that box get dusty again. And that little boy of yours just may be one of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen. Really.

Rachel said...

I am so excited, Jen!