Friday, February 25, 2011


and just as the baby
is getting to the age and stage
when you "can't take him anywhere,"
the girls are getting to the age
where there's so many places to go
and new things to try.

this time took us to the bowling alley--
the girls' first time.

they had a ball.
and so did the parent
whose turn it was to bowl with them,
trying to avoid dents in the floor,
broken toes,
or children sliding down the alley
(the best was milla's ball that rolled to a dead stop
halfway to the pins--
and alex smashing another ball into it
to send it on it's way);
while the other parent got to entertain the baby
by walking around,
showing him the pool tables and pictures of the champions,
"playing" video games,
and looking at the fishies.

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