Thursday, February 10, 2011

chore chart

okay.  so i finally got that one
checked off my to-do list,
that one that i had meant to do
by the first of the year,
but have not only been procrastinating
but also agonizing over for weeks.
why was i agonizing?
maybe because it's the first of its kind
around here,
and i debated about what to include,
and especially about whether or not
to begin an allowance.
is there a right answer?
i wanted them to understand that some things
are just expected,
but also i knew that money would be a motivating factor,
and that it will teach them
money management and all that. . .

i guess it was when i finally realized
that i wasn't trying to come up with a system
that would last until they're 18--
but just a beginning
and we will have to change it soon enough anyway,
that i worked something up.
something for a start.

i really liked the format
of the mod eco kids one that went around for awhile
until it disappeared.
so i included the first six responsibilities
that are just expected
and can have a movie or treat for a certain number
as a reward.
and then i will separately post a list
of extra chores
that they can choose from
and make a little cash if they want to.

and like i said,
these charts don't have a super long shelf life
i suppose,
as the responsibilities and expectations will change,
but it's a start.

what about you,
what works for you?
(maybe i should have asked you weeks ago?)


Emma said...

I like it! We were doing a sticker chart, but it was just a big box that we filled up as things got done. I like having the separate responsibilities listed by day better. I think that's where we'll go next.

So far, we've just done a reward when we got to a certain number of stickers. I'm pondering on the idea of $ for extra chores but have a hard time thinking of what those extra chores would be.

SweetpeainFrance said...

be kind
tell someone you love them

Swigs and Grinds said...

O Charm, I love this. I have been trying to figure this out for years and have gone back and forth with wanting to help my kids to learn the importance of contributing to helping with the things that make our family function and at the same time teaching them the value of money and ambition. I'm not sure if I've learned these lessons myself, but I like your plan!


Amy said...

I have felt the same way. Why should they get paid for contributing to the family? I'll tell you what has worked for us for the last 18 months. I don't have a chart for everyday things, but they are expected to make thier beds, clean rooms, and pick up thier stuff and help clear table, and load dishes (depending on who I am talking about). Chore day, each child gets a list with as many jobs as thier age. I just make a list of what i need. When i started the list said
1. clean bathroom
2. sweep kitchen floor
It was miserable. Now the lists look something like this.
1. take out garbage in bathroom
2. wipe bath counter
3. kiss mama
4. put shoes by back door away

This tasks are tiny and can be done in under a minute, but Addie has 10 of them, Olivia 8, etc,and we really get a lot accomoplished.

About paying them, because my girls are older now, I do pay them and I couldn't get away with not paying Naomi too. So Addie gets $4/per, Oly $3, Naomi $1. I pay them on family night. I have a folder with several zipper envelopes in the binder. EAch kid has a folder for spending, saving, and tithing. When I pay them, we put some in savings and tithing each week. I keep the folder and the kids have to ask to get money out of it. It has helped them learn to save and pay tithing, and its fun to see the coins add up. Naomi wanted a toy recently. I told her she could buy it with her own money if she wanted to. She always figured that meant no, but I showed her she had enough money saved, and we bought the toy. A light went on in her that day.

christina said...

This is so cute!! Way cuter than our chore chart.