Tuesday, February 15, 2011

comfort food

the other day
i asked myself,
self?  why in the world do you bother
to keep checking the weather forecast?
i guess subconsciously
i just keep hoping.
as does avi.
"mama, i think there's not so many icicles today,"
"mama, i think there's something growing under there!"
but the cold, hard truth is,
it snows almost every day,
we rarely see the sky,
and temperatures have been sub-zero
for about a week now,
and there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

and so, my friends,
comfort food
has been on the menu for many months now.
today's lunch:
a potato, rosemary and fontina tart.

and we were quite content to spend the entire day
in the warmth of our own space.


Ann said...

Yum. I could definitely be vegetarian at your house.

Olgon said...

Это точно!Сидя дома из-за этих холодов,я реализовала многие свои кулинарные мечты и фантазии и домашние были мне благодарны!