Monday, February 21, 2011

craft du jour

watercolor princess hats

by first wetting the watercolor paper
i was able to do away with
those magenta-colored lines
made on their papers after digging the brush
in their favorite color--
and we were finally able to get
a much softer, muted effect
with the watercolors
(even if milla still insisted on using
only magenta for hers).

we let that dry for a day,
glued it into a cone shape,
drew on the border,
and then glued in a few strips of ribbon.

and there we had it,
two cute princesses in hats.

and today after avi insisted on staying home from preschool,
she led me in an intense game of
"the princess hat game,"
which more resembled a version of
follow the leader,
while, for 10 minutes,
i had to follow her every move
of marching around the living room,
dancing, waving the hat up and down,
left and right,
round and round. . .
up on tiptoes, then as fast as you can. . .

you, too, can play the princess hat game!
it's very easy to follow. . .


marlamuppets said...

oh gosh she's so beautiful!

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful little princess in her lovely watercolor hat! It looks like she had a gem of a day =)