Thursday, February 24, 2011


now if you've never learned another language before,
the thought may never have occurred to you
that other languages
have their own "animal languages."
in other words,
russian animals "say" different things
than american animals.

a russian dog says gaf gaf,
and a sheep says baaay, baaay.
a bird says cheeky-reeky cheek-chee-reek,
and a mouse says peep peep.
a russian goose says ga-ga,
a rooster says ku-ka-ree-ku,
a duck krya krya,
and a pig says khru khru
(this one i will never agree with).

and the horse?
well, the horse says eeee go-go.

andreas could tell you this one,
because his first word
happened to be "go-go."


Rain In My Head said...

Oh his little face is so cute I just want to pinch those cheeks. When are you going to come move to DC?

Anonymous said...

cant get enough of this guy!!!
and you too actually